viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

final idea and storyboard

Two ideas:

1. We see the grandfather in all his ages, from 6 till 75. Gradually,
the grandfather will grow along the pages of the book.

2. We see the grandfather only in the age of 6 and in the age of 75 in the end.
The relation that the boy has with his granfather makes the granfather to remember himself when he was the age of the grandson. The grandson conect with the child who lives still in the old man.

The target is to explain that we are all the ages we allready lived and the ages we will,
to understand that the person we see in front of us is not only the person now, is the person who was and who will be,
it means, we are also the product of our life story and also the potential of our future life.
When the grandfather watch his grandson sees all the way that the boy has in front of himself.
When the grandson watch his grandfather sees all the way that the old man allready lived.

First We dont see anything except the two boys, the grandson boy and the grandson grandfather.
They meet, they are friend, the dont need the words to comunicate,
they are two childs who like each other.
Somehow the guitar starts to grow, as a simbol of how the grandfather grew once upon a time.
The garden grows from the guitar with the grandfather... the guitar and the legs of the chairs grow more and more,
the trees get older, taller, stronger, the animals start to come to this place,
that its transforming in a garden of experiences, fruits are growing, worms, birds, cats,
foxes are coming one after the other, the hole life of a garden that the grandfather is
building by himself. The Big garden is ready to give itself to the new geration,
its ready to teach and continue in the grandson.
The grandfather presents the guitar to the son, from the guitar will grow another whole life.